22 octobre 2012

St Kilda and botanic gardens

Hi everybody,
With time, our family is definitely becoming international, and I hope we'll soon all be fluent in English. Easier to say than to do... but be sure we're all doing our best to reach this goal. 
That's why I decided to continue this blog in English. 

Last week I spent one day in Melbourne with the kids while Edouard was working (as usual). The opportunity for us to discover St Kilda and its beach !

Walking and playing on the beach
View of the harbour and CBD from the end of the pier
It's amazing to be only 7 km from the Melbourne's CBD and have the feeling to be on holidays in a small and quiet seaside town !

After a long walk through the beach, to the pier and in town, we drive back to Melbourne in order to visit Kings Domain, a huge park on St Kilda Road not far from downtown.
We first visited the Shrine of Remembrance.
View from the top of Shrine of remembrance

... and then discovered the Royal Botanic Gardens and their beautiful palm trees, wonderful flowers, etc.


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